Efficient on-site, on-demand production of lightweight air cushion packaging. The Fill-Air packaging systems quickly convert compact rolls of specially formulated center-fold material into continuous, perforated chains of air-filled cushions.For total customer satisfaction, Fill-Air systems not only insure outstanding product protection and efficient void fill, they also provide clean, professional looking packages with no loose fill mess to clean up. Flexible and easy to use, Fill-Air systems increase productivity for distribution / fulfillment center packaging. The versatile systems are available for on-line and work station packaging operations.

The choice of insulation is very important as it accounts for a large proportion of the total construction cost. The insulation material and thickness is also important from an energy point of view. Besides a satisfactory thermal conductivity co-efficient the insulation material should also be odour-free, anti-rot, vermin and fire-resistant and impermeable to water vapour.

Typical insulation thickness for chill and cold stores utilising different insulation materials :

  • Knock Down Rigid Polyurethane Density: 40 - 42 kg/m3 CFC-Free


  • Color Bond 0.5mm
  • Stainless Steel 0.6mm

Thermal Conductivity:

  • 50mm Insulation Thickness: 0.36 W/(m2k)
  • 75mm Insulation Thickness: 0.28 W/(m2k)
  • 100mm Insulation Thickness: 0.20 W/(m2k)
  • 150mm Insulation Thickness: 0.15 W/(m2k)

Assembly :

  • Knock down with male and female "Cam Lock" system for superior joint between each panel.

Note: For SHELTER, wall, ceiling, & floor complete with multiplex 9mm & 15mm

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