Pipe Jacketing
SILKA insulated piping systems are designed for the aboveground and mostly used in heating and cooling systems for industrial plants for pipe line electric heating, industrial processing, air conditioning, generating electricity, oil storage and handling.
SILKA piping system is completely pre-insulated to satisfy insulation and jacketing needs for all above-ground applications, indoors and outside.It provides the unparalleled thermal efficiency of factory-applied poly-urethane insulation, protected by a multitude of jacket materials. Metal jackets of aluminum, galvanized steel, plastic coated of PVC. SILKA piping system can be used for Lo-Temp, Mid-Temp and also Hi-temp. All component are factory assembled including all necessary fabricated fitting, such as ells, tees, expansion loops and anchors, so a complete system ready for fast installation in delivered to the jobsite.
Advantages :

  1. Total Solutions
    SILKA provide a complete preinsulated piping system including the pipe, thermal inulation, protective jacketing, prefabricated fitting and joining materials to meet customer requirements.

  2. Prefabricated to Actual Job requirements and Dimensions
  3. A complete system in __ to __ meter units length are delivered to the job site along with fittings and accessories, and we applied numbering system for easy identification during installation process.

  4. Quality Controlled
    SILKA piping system checked by well trained fabricators to assurance the quality.

  5. Reduced Field Costs
    Applied insulation and jacketing in your projects can reduces time and disruption to production in existing facilities requiring renovation, replacement or additions and also reduce expensive pipe stanchions.
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